Karte Eurpoa Bereich Nanovalley Klein3 Technology transfer and research commercialization

The nanoValley.eu initiative aspires to win protagonists from science and enterprises with overlapping innovative interests for a common approach. Transfer partners are actively sought after by way of a contact office, are motivated for collaborations and made mutually productive in transfer forums. The principle is that all transfer forum parties benefit from the collaboration. Research contracts are to be granted or funds generated for the sciences. In return, enterprises must be able to derive modified or new products from the transfer forum work.

The commercialization of research results also depends, largely, on whether scientists themselves will become entrepreneurs. In addition to the establishment and development of transfer forums, the contact office has the task of identifying scientific personnel who are interested in starting a business. The contact office supports the project founders in the selection of advisory and financing offers, the generation of market analyses as well as addressing new customers.

Representation and international solicitation of a European technology region

Technology regions are in global competition for knowledge, skilled personnel and investments. Silicon Valley in California has long set the example: The reputation of a technology region is a decisive factor for participation in this competition. Crucial to the innovative strength of the technology area are the extent and quality of the cooperative network of enterprises, as well as enterprise and research institutions. Technology regions, whose protagonists successfully accomplish this, develop attracting forces for investments, entrepreneurial talents and top personnel for science and industry. It is a goal of the nanoValley.eu initiative to make the region internationally visible and known in the context of a European technology region.

Sponsorship nanoValley.eu received an award in November 2008 as part of a cluster competition of the Ministry of Economics Baden-Württemberg. The result of this award made it possible for the former Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe GmbH (research center) to apply for a project grant from the European fund for Regional Development (EFRD). This request was granted on September 9 2009. The project work of nanoValley.eu and maintenance of contact offices are therefore supported financially with 50% by the European Union, 46% by project partners (BASF SE, KIT program Nano-and Micro Systems, KIT Institute for Nanotechnology, IHK Karlsruhe, IHK Rhein-Neckar, IHK-Pfalz) and 4% with a direct grant from the State of Baden-Württemberg.