Willy Kretz
alutec metal innovations GmbH & Co. KG, Sternenfels
Managing Partner, responsible for technology and product development


»The close coupling of energy efficiency to lightweight construction is only one aspect that makes aluminum such a valuable construction material. Availability, costs, recyclability, and last but not least the enormous design flexibility that this metal offers are highly topical parameters that speak for choosing aluminum.«

»Alutec stands for technically extruded parts and assemblies. As our name already implies, our focus lies on aluminum materials. In finding suitable applications, the focus lies on the challenges encountered in feasibility, cost optimization and technological extrusion development and the products that can be produced. Networked thinking and often the merging of that which has already been implemented allows a continuous refinement of tool and product design. The demands on design (tool as well as parts specific) are subject to continuous improvement. The physical properties of the main components surrounding materials and tools play an essential role in this process. Forming suitable surfaces on both components is critical for positive results.

Nanotechnology will progressively continue to influence the realization of technical challenges in the future. Coating systems are required; whose characteristics make the design of complex geometries possible in the first place. In addition, lubricants are required that undergo the highest demands during the forming process. In the process, the demand and trend for its minimal use presents yet another challenge for the lubrication systems. Nevertheless, the materials themselves will be developed further in the nanotechnology environment. New physical peak performance levels could extend the field of application of nano-modified aluminum alloys in the future.

These developments remain exciting, and it has yet to be seen how forming technology can steadily expand under the influence and development of nanotechnology. We continue to search for new challenges based on our experiences gained thus far. Forthcoming findings and developments in nanotechnology will demonstrate this in the future. «   

1972 High school diploma
1976 Vocational qualification as a toolmaker
1980 Degree as Master Craftsman

Professional Activities

1972 – 1988  Friedrich Kretz, Pforzheim
1988 – present  Managing Partner with alutec metal innovations GmbH & Co. KG

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