Nanovalley Logo Transferforum Klein2 Karlsruhe - Eggenstein / Leopoldshafen Within the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology KIT, several working groups at the north and south campus are involved with diverse aspects of electrical and/or optical properties of nanostructured materials. The aim is to print conducting paths, electronic components and optical elements on flexible substrates in a cost-effective manner to facilitate novel product manufacturing. Relevant for future applications of printed electronics is the physical-chemical interaction of electrical materials and the backing materials that are to be printed. In the transfer forum "Printed Electronics", young researchers and enterprises from the region have set an exchange of knowledge and experience in the field of printed electronics in motion. The Printed Electronics transfer forum is open to committed participants from science and business. If interested, please contact us at the contact office, or the transfer forum spokesperson.

Normanmechau3 Dr. Norman Mechau
KIT - Lichttechnisches Institut
Engessertraße 13
76131 Karlsruhe
Tel. +49-176-23352173

Functionally electronic printing ink for DOD procedures. The keyword “Media Enhanced Packaging” represents the idea of integrating electronic information systems into product packaging. One solution in this regard is seen in the currently established methods of printable electronics. These, however, have so far proven unsuccessful based on conventional mass-printing methods. The workgroup Printed Electronics (Dr. N. Mechau) at the Karlsruhe Institute of Nanotechnology (KIT/North Campus) is working with the CSAT GmbH and other partners to develop a technology approach, seeking a combination of nanoelectronics and digital printing. The goal is to develop functionally electronic printing inks using metallic/metal oxide nanoparticles for digital printing. These are to be used as the base material for the printed integration of electronic circuits in packaging materials. The integration is to take place through an industrial printing process in the DOD method (Drop on Demand).