FuchsOilLindemann5 Lutz Lindemann
Member of the Board and responsible for the areas of technology, supply chain management, international OEM business

»Networking between economy and science must be pursued further from my point of view«

»Lubricants – the core area of our worldwide active FUCHS PETROLUB Group – have the task of separating friction partners (such as pistons and cylinders) from one another, minimizing wear, increasing efficiency and ensuring cleanliness of the machine components. The optimal setup of the lubricant to the tribological system (e.g. piston and cylinder) is essential. The new age lubricant has now become an essential machine element, making a significant contribution to the improvement of machine efficiency. The use of a suitable lubricant leads to economic and ecological benefits. Modern lubricants not only lead to concrete customer benefits, but also make a significant contribution to sustainability and resource conservation. Collectively, this is only possible with intensive research and development in a highly networked, interdisciplinary environment. For me, joint research projects in cooperation with universities and related research institutions play a decisive role in this matter. We maintain close contact with the tribological (Tribology = friction doctrine) Institute at the University of Mannheim, as well as with the RWTH Aachen University. The networking of economy and science must be pursued further from my point of view. We need more forums for example, where a more intensive exchange between university and industry is made possible. The funding rate of development projects, but also the award of grants to particularly talented students should be put on a broader foundation. From my point of view, the economy should ultimately use the chance to stand as a mentor for faculties and students without, of course, intruding on the independence of research and teaching. We must promote qualified education, and with this secure the capacity for innovation of technologically oriented enterprises.«


1980 - 1988 Chemistry studies and doctorate at the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, then scientific employee at the Institute for Physical Chemistry

Professional activities

1988 - 1995 Mobil Oil AG, Hamburg
1995 - 1996 Roland Berger & Partner, Stuttgart - Senior Consultant / Project Manager
1996 - 1998 DEA Mineralöl AG, Hamburg - Product Management
1998 - 2008 Member of the Executive Board of FUCHS PETROLUB AG with regional responsibility for Germany, Eastern Europe (incl. Russia) and Scandinavia as well as Chairman of the Board of FUCHS EUROPE SCHMIERSTOFFE GmbH
2009 - present: Member of the Executive Board of FUCHS PETROLUB AG - technology, supply chain and OEM

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