Hermann Simon, Simon-Kucher & Partners
Swiss Innovation Forum, 3 November 2011

»Innovation is driven not by technology, but by application.«
Georg Bischopink, Robert Bosch GmbH
Tag der Innovationsallianz Baden-Württemberg, 14 July 2011

»An idea in itself is worth nothing, it gains its value through economic implementation. For the value of ideas in economic terms, this means that only exploited ideas have proven to be valuable.«
Peter Hommelhoff, Universität Heidelberg
Rector's discourse, 16 November 2006

»The core problem is the transfer of technology, the transition from basic research to practical application and commercialization, but also conversely, the formulation of questions by the applying market-active industry to basic research. This interface between science and practice still causes considerable difficulties, in Germany at least, one reason being that an international enterprise has not yet arisen here from a garage operation like those in Silicon Valley.«
Hansnweiler Hans N. Weiler, Stanford University
Erfurter Dialog, 22 September 2004

»An important factor for this symbiosis between science and industry in Silicon Valley is the close proximity and physical environment between first-class technological research institutions and innovative companies. This factor alone does not suffice to explain the close connection between these two areas. Additionally and decisively, a "cultural affinity" between a science landscape and an enterprise landscape of its own kind comes about, an analogy of the two institutional cultures; their values and behavior patterns are different, but remarkably compatible«