Andreasbrunkhorst Andreas Brunkhorst
Product Manager, responsible for product development

»We consciously market our products in conjunction with the term nanotechnology, achieving great success. Collaboration with research facilities in this field is of key significance for the product development in our enterprise«

»At Lithonplus, we focus on research and development to enhance our products with new shapes, colors and functions. Originally a joint venture between HeidelbergCement AG and Schwenk KG, we specialize in concrete technology. Here we use nanotechnology for the surface protection of paving elements or patio tiling. Based on this, we have been able to apply photocatalytic properties to stone plates or plaster. The concrete building material used for this purpose contains nano-crystalline titanium dioxide, which acts as a photocatalyst on the concrete surface, chemically converting and diffusing the air pollutant nitrogen dioxide. VW in Wolfsburg – the so-called Autostadt – was fully equipped with our effective photocatalytic products. I firmly believe in nanotechnology, by which concrete characteristics can be achieved that were previously impossible to materialize in concrete technology.

The product life cycle of our "nano products" is remarkable. This is professional fun for me, learning more day by day with the opportunity to produce new innovative products. I am constantly looking for research results, which I can transform into prototypes for the enterprise. Yet from a business perspective - this is often ignored in science - development of a product, of course, only makes sense if we have a market for it. Transfer of technology from research institutions to our enterprise is a complex process that must prove itself against the background of the market. New products always arise from two directions. On the one hand, from conversations with customers about their product requirements or specific market research, and on the other hand from what material research collectively and nanomaterial research, in particular, have discovered in research laboratories. The consolidation of ideas in these two fields, which essentially oppose one another, is one of my key tasks as a product developer. Once this bridge has been crossed, a new technology is implemented into the production process and ultimately to the establishment of the end product on the market.«


2001 - 2004: Civil Engineering at the Berufsakademie Mosbach
2008: Training as nanotechnology technician (IHK)

Professional activities

2005 - 2008: Lithonplus GmbH & Co. KG: Sales and Project Management
2009 - present: Lithonplus GmbH & Co. KG: Product Management