Bracht6 Alexander Bracht
Hessen Agentur GmbH, Wiesbaden

»We will remain at the forefront of nanotechnologies only if we make them marketable in this country«

»In the field of, a total of several hundred companies and scientists are engaged in the development of nanotechnologies. And this at a high international level. We count about 80 university work groups and about 150 nanotechnology enterprises alone in Hessen. Far greater, however, are the number of companies that are active in traditional sectors, and who can use nanotechnologies for their product and process innovations. Our special interest must apply to these potential nanotech users in addition to promoting networking among nanotech providers. To maintain and expand the leading position in nanotechnology here, it is not enough to direct ones attention only to research. In particular, we must succeed primarily to convert the developments into marketable products, generating added value, as well as acquire the necessary experience for further innovation with regard to security aspects.

The basic condition for this are extremely good, particularly in the area of the Hardly any other region in Europe and the world has such a profound, grown structure of universities and enterprises with application-oriented chemistry and material technology competence, which are the key disciplines for nano-technological developments. In a recent study, for example, the OECD lists the science city of Darmstadt in the top 30 regions worldwide (OECD 2008) in terms of nanotechnology patent applications, ahead of other German cities or regions. We are also particularly strong in the application of nanotechnology industries in the region. It is important to awaken the interest of small and medium enterprises for nanotechnologies and to assist them during the application. Above all, this means pragmatic and targeted marketing within a fair cooperation. The science elites and the large nanotech providers also must be prepared to give in to the needs of small and medium-sized application enterprises. Establish mutual supply chains, i.e. think to the end product and the customer: In this way, we will manage to unlock the economical benefits of safe nanotechnology for ourselves and future generations.«


1986-1990: Graduate Engineer (FH) Chemical Technology at the Fachhochschule Darmstadt 1991-1993: Master of Business and Engineering (FH) at the Fachhochschule Frankfurt/Main
Key areas: Production management and logistics, operational management
1994-1995: Additional training for managers in environmental protection

Professional activities

1995-1998: Hessian State Institute for the Environment (HLfU), Wiesbaden. Scope of activity: Environmental management, sustainable development
1998-1999: project manager at an engineering firm for systemic community development and political consulting as well as freelance activity as a consulting engineer
Scope of activity: integrated management systems for environment and quality, coaching of corporate and municipal development processes
1999-2004: Director of the Action-line Hessen-Umwelttech with the TechnologieStiftung Hessen GmbH
2004 - present: Director of the Hessen-Nanotech with the HA Hessen Agentur GmbH